Welcome to my Space of Shape Shifts Moves and Heartneat Rhythms.

Life is the Song, Love is the Music and Dance is the Joy which Carries us through it.

The Care Taker 1999


New Definition of Dance  Tampa Florida 2015 

 Thanks for visiting. My name is Frank G. Hull and I will be updating this page. Sharing with the World my Journey through Life, Dance, Ability, Disability and Mental Illness. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder December 2006. As I learn to love and accept my whole self. I have come see that perfection is the elusion. For me the real challenge is to bring out one's own beauty no matter how old, or broken ones body or mind maybe. To find a place beyond perfection. New Journeys and New Beginnings are Never Ending. Remembering We are not here to see through each other; but here to See each Other Through. This brings me to Judith  Snow and Michael Rubenfeld pictured below and I am proud to be a part of the Choir for Their Play about LOVE and Disability entitled "The Book of Judith" Go to their blog to find out how to see the play and More....

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